Work Integrated Learning.. A Cut Above the Rest!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Research has shown that university admissions officers and employers rate people skills, technology skills and work experience as the top requirements for a job applicant, and students who have undertaken work-shadowing are three times more likely to be successful in finding employment in the future than those who have not! Students who have taken part in work-shadowing placements have found the experience very worthwhile, and many students using evidence of this kind of activity to support university and job applications.

At Castle School our sixth formers have the exciting opportunity to expand their knowledge of the working world by attending their own individually organised work placements. Students spend a week experiencing the demands and responsibilities of a job in the field of work they are interested in pursuing. Top professionals such as auditors and accountants in Canary Wharf, London and radio and TV show producers and presenters in Birmingham, London and Manchester as well as business owners and top professionals right here in Pembrokeshire are keen to provide opportunities for our pupils to gain some hands-on experience, develop their knowledge, expand their network and even explore the career opportunities available at many companies.

At Castle School, we understand that during your time at Sixth Form, the pressure is on to figure out what career you want to pursue in life. It can be very difficult to choose what occupation will suit you best, meet your needs, and grant you a lifetime of happiness at such a young age. You might feel lost, confused, and unsure of the decision you are about to make, and that is okay! Many people, including myself, have experienced this exact same feeling. I remember thinking, “I wish I could experience a free trial run on the different careers I’m interested in, so I can make sure I choose the right course at university.” Thankfully, I was introduced to something that is very similar to the idea I had in mind: work-shadowing!

The Importance of Job Shadowing

Ever since I was six years old (only a few centuries ago) I thought I wanted to be a journalist. However, after my first year in Sixth Form I had a change of heart and began to panic about what I wanted to do. That is when I was introduced to work-shadowing by my Head of Sixth Form. After shadowing a Head Teacher and being introduced to so many other amazing teachers and even being able to co-teach a class at age sixteen, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I loved the workplace, the people, and the job itself! I was excited and I recall my university admissions officer spending most of our time in my interview asking me about my work-shadowing experience! She was impressed that I had already built a solid network of professionals that could help me on my journey to becoming a successful teacher.

Work-shadowing is an amazing way to get a glimpse into a particular career of interest. The process allows you to follow around a trained professional and observe their everyday routine. You will NOT be filing away papers or making endless cups of tea! When work-shadowing, you familiarise yourself with the occupation, the environment, and the skills necessary for that job. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to get your name out there for future reference! If you make a positive impression on the company, you may open the door to an internship or job there one day. Your Castle School Sixth Form staff are on hand to ensure you are well supported and have all the tools you need to succeed.

We have limited spaces available for September 2021 so give us a call on 01437 558 010 or email me directly to arrange a face to face (or mask to mask) meeting to talk about all the amazing things we have to offer. Castle School Sixth Form fosters broader dimensions of learning, which we believe are critical to students’ overall success. With so much competition for places at world class universities and workplaces, Castle School Sixth Form aims to prepare our students to be a cut above the rest!

Sajida Madni

Academic and Pastoral Lead

Castle School Sixth Form