Will explains why he chose Castle School Sixth Form...

My name is Will Letten and I would first like to explain why I chose to study my A Levels at Castle School as opposed to other Sixth Forms or Colleges in the area. For me, Castle School provided the easiest transition possible after having studied for my GCSEs during a very strange 16 months for my year group with all the lockdowns and remote learning. Thankfully, remote learning at Castle School was nothing short of a miracle and I thank all my teachers who worked over and beyond their duties to ensure that my education was not disrupted as much as some of my friends at different schools. The transition to sixth form is made easier knowing that we will continue with small class sizes and a fantastic, supportive system is already in place if there were any further disruptions or God forbid, any more lockdowns!

A-Levels and the next two years are incredibly important. They will shape what I will choose as my future career and what I would like to do after I leave Castle School Sixth form. It is important to me to get the best education possible in an environment that I know I would enjoy. I am grateful that the class sizes will remain very small. Given the way in which A Levels are now assessed, this is critically important when you consider that you may be sitting some of your subject modules in the January after you arrive, meaning that it is essential to settle in quickly so that you can then turn your full attention towards your studies from the very first week. With the vast contrasts of a college environment however, I do not believe that is always possible. Our small class sizes make that task very easy here at Castle School.

Castle School also provided me with the opportunity to fulfil other aspects of my life in conjunction with the high academic standards that are set. There are many clubs and societies open for all Sixth Formers to partake in, covering a vast variety of subject matter, from the highly energised nature of Duke of Edinburgh challenges to the serenity of listening to the music club. I am also looking forward to the field trips, World Challenges and residentials that are planned by Mr Phillips! Through involving myself in more of these clubs and other extra-curricular activities on offer as the weeks pass by, I am sure that I will become a much more rounded person as a consequence of doing so. But whatever your interest may be, there truly is something for everyone and particularly for new students, getting involved in these extra-curricular activities is one of the best ways of starting to get to know people.

Finally, I want to say that the level of support from Castle School staff is simply amazing. I wanted to study my A-Levels here, but I also spoke about my desire to learn the Arabic language. A language that fascinates me but possibly not something that I may study formally just yet. I was not at all surprised when Ms Madni said, ‘I’ll teach you some basic Arabic in your free sessions!’ That’s just what the teachers do. They go over and beyond their call of duty to ensure we get the best out of our time in Castle School.

I hope to see you all in September and look forward to making these next two years memorable for all the right reasons!