Mastery learning to Guaranteed success

Updated: May 26, 2021

Mastery learning is at the heart of our new A level sixth form centre in Pembrokeshire. Students study, at their own pace, in our study lounge, at home, on a beach, overseas or anywhere they have an internet connection, with full support from a dedicated teacher and fellow students online. Then our classroom teachers and academic support staff deliver classroom discussions, real life experiences, field trips and traditional teaching for a rich, modern and flexible way to learn.

Attainment in education is normally expected by following a timetable, but a students success is often faltered because of a misunderstanding or through missed lessons. This 'scaffolding' problem can be the difference between a pass or a fail during assessment and examination. With mastery learning students only move on from a topic or concept, once they have demonstrated a clear understanding. Couple this with our 'classroom' experiences and students have the opportunity to apply their learning.

That is why we are the only school in Pembrokeshire to guarantee our A Level passes.

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