• Sajida Madni

Introducing....our fabulous #Bosslady

Dawn has worked many years in good and outstanding schools and has had many leadership roles, including Head of English at a large secondary school and Sixth Form. We never ask a lady her age but our pupils are adamant that she must have received her PGCE when she was 7! She joins Castle School this year as our new Head of Sixth Form and here's what she has to say about her role and about the plans for the Sixth Form! She will be available to answer questions and introduce herself in person at our Sixth Form Open evening this TUESDAY 8th JUNE 2021 from 6pm until 7.30pm at Castle School Sixth Form Centre, Snowdrop Lane, Haverfordwest, SA61 1ET.

"The warmest of welcomes from your new Head of Sixth Form.

This September sees the inaugural year of Castle School’s new Sixth Form provision here in the heart of Pembrokeshire. I will be leading this new venture and will be your advocate over the next two years; we will be beginning the next stage of your academic journey together and it promises to be a rewarding one.

Entering Castle School Sixth form is not the pinnacle of your secondary education: rather it is the first two years in a much longer journey. This journey will see you complete your next level qualifications then earn a university degree or complete a competitive apprenticeship then obtain professional qualifications and then finally embark on your first career and embrace life. The deliberate repetition of that connective, which denotes an additional action reflects how the route you take may be different from that of your peers, all of whom are members of the same establishment but all of whom will experience different routes to the same end - graduation day at Castle School!

Just as that classic board game, ‘’The Game of Life’ offers variation in the journey around the board, so we at Castle School have the unique ability to enable you to pursue those planned and sometimes unexpected opportunities, which will undoubtedly occur over the next two years. All without interrupting your studies as they are portable and flexible. In fact, the only inhibitor to you studying hard could be the loss of Wifi in a remote location!

Being able to take more control of your study habits will complement the current way of learning that many of you have found yourselves subject to over the last year. You have found new and immediate ways of contacting and opening dialogue with your teachers as you have studied at GCSE level. This is the principle way of study that you will experience at Castle School Sixth Form, supported all of the way with small group and one to one tuition from expert subject teachers to support and reinforce your new AS/BTECH learning. Tracking your academic progress and providing the next target will be provided by myself : closely monitoring where you are on the pathway means that Mrs Brown will never be too far away to guide, drive or chivvy you on.

With over 20 A Level subjects to choose from, you can craft your own learning journey around your strengths and unique aspirations. We encourage all students to choose subjects relevant to their interests as well as their career ambitions.

There is little doubt that this journey will be punctuated with significant milestones and rapid personal and intellectual development. The Castle School Sixth Form programme and our dedicated team will ensure that all of you will be able to fulfil your potential and make the most of the many opportunities we offer for growth."

Dawn Brown