Castle School...The Sociable Sixth Form Option

Updated: May 26, 2021

With the county (and country) still reeling from Covid-19 there is huge concern regarding the ongoing impact this lockdown period has had on young people: their career aspirations, college choices and social development, their confidence, competence and desire to learn. Castle School is making a big commitment to plug all the gaps the last year has brought about.

In September many colleges will continue to opt for online teaching with minimal socialisation. Pupils will only be expected in college when they have some brief face to face lessons with teachers. Residentials, field trips, retreats and learning away days are put on hold while councils are still busy with trying to stagger college timetables to comply with social distancing guidelines. Pupils may not have real opportunity to make friends and there could be two years of brief encounters with acquaintances. Familiar faces they may have seen in a monthly lecture at college. Castle School is offering students open doors and access to live tutors five days a week (and more if you include proposed residential trips, visits and visiting lecturers and speakers).

Castle School Sixth Form promises its students ample opportunity to make lasting friendships, to develop, grow, test waters and have tasters of all manner of experiences. Our small class sizes allow us to do all this while still adhering to social distancing guidelines and our priority is always the safety of our pupils and staff. We do not have to deal with hundreds or thousands of pupils and there is no need to stagger timetables to accommodate everyone. One to one tuition as well as daily formal lectures will take place at Castle School Sixth Form from September 2021. Students will also be able to access all course materials online and will have the support of online tuition if they miss any face to face lectures or one to one tuition sessions. At Castle School, our pupils will have the best of both: online and in school learning to suit their best method of learning.

Sixth form is about so much more than just academic courses leading to exam grades two years down the line. Yes, these are hugely important but so is confidence, learning new skills, developing and maturing into adulthood, travel, mini internships, being part of a team, being an individual, learning when to step up, learning about the real world, being proactive members of the wider community and preparing for a life outside of school. So many skills that young people will not learn working from home. Short of another full lockdown being imposed on us, staff are present every day in the Sixth Form. They are ready and waiting to make the next two years memorable for our students for the right reasons.

For more information contact Sajida Madni on 07525254223 or email