Brand New Sixth Form in Pembrokeshire that Guarantees Success!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

We are excited to announce the opening of a brand new, state of the art Sixth Form Centre in Pembrokeshire. Castle School Sixth Form is due to open in September 2021 in the heart of Haverfordwest. At Castle School we take great pride in our longstanding reputation for academic achievement. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers look to inspire each student’s imagination and enable them to discover and develop their intellectual passions and ambitions, alongside outstanding opportunities in music, sport, the arts, sciences and many more spheres. We are delighted to be able to continue this provision and more for our Sixth Form students this September.

Our Sixth Form offers a unique and stimulating environment for study in a brand-new dedicated space with high levels of one-to-one tuition where our young adults prepare for university, apprenticeships, or the workplace.

What sets Castle School Sixth Form apart is the dedication of staff to creating the optimum environment, culture and ethos to encourage and nurture the very best from each student. Understanding every student as an individual, delivering excellent pastoral care and enabling students to achieve their own goals are the priorities for our Sixth Form staff. We offer so much more than stellar grades and rigorous preparation for places at World Class Universities. We value each student and help them to navigate wisely the choices ahead of them at each stage, giving them the opportunities to develop their leadership and collaborative skills as well as their resilience, so that they are ready to be proactive and successful citizens.

Our mini-internships and work-shadowing opportunities will enable our pupils to observe and work with top professionals in a field that they are interested in to gain a better understanding of the role and career. This can be a great way to decide whether or not you want to pursue a particular career before applying for places at university or for jobs and internships. Job shadowing is also a great networking tool that helps you develop contacts in your career field of interest. When shadowing someone who is competent in their field, you have the opportunity to gain a useful resource as you begin to seek and apply for university places or jobs and internships. These experiences will enhance the 'added value' that university admission officers and employers are looking for.

Castle School is a caring and generous community, where relationships between students and staff are very warm. While we are very proud of our students’ outstanding academic success, this is only part of the story in helping them to be well rounded people who are ready for the ‘real world.’ We want to ensure our students are independent learners, but we recognise that they need a lot of support and encouragement to build up their confidence as they transition into adulthood. Our aim is to nurture our pupils so that they become caring, dedicated, articulate, aspirational, and intelligent young people. We hope to develop them into curious critical and creative thinkers that will be driven to make a difference in the world.

Students are encouraged to develop a strong spirit of philanthropy and to engage with the wider community. Castle School Sixth Form’s reduced fees provides us with a wonderful opportunity to offer the full breadth of our education to talented young people whatever their background.

An education at Castle School Sixth Form is without doubt an outstanding education for life, providing opportunities that few can match. I hope our website provides a ‘flavour’ of what Castle School Sixth Form has to offer. However, there is no substitute for visiting us in person, and we warmly welcome you to one of our Open Events so that you can see our school and Sixth Form and meet our Students, Staff and the wider school community. I look forward to meeting you!

Sajida Madni

Academic and Pastoral Lead

Castle School Sixth Form