10 Things You’ll Love About Us

The question of how to educate one’s child is always at the forefront of every parent’s mind. Where there is choice, there is advancement. Parents don’t need to be educational experts to make good choices. They are already best placed to choose what type of education setting suits their child because they know their child better than anyone else. So, why do parents choose Castle School and Sixth Form? What do we have to offer that other schools and colleges in Pembrokeshire may not? What exactly is it that makes our pupils stand out from the crowd? Posted below are just some of the answers to these questions and we would love to discuss a whole lot more given the opportunity to meet with you in person:

1. Individual Attention: every one of our students is unique and special. We are a school with small class sizes and we provide personalised attention. We have excellent coordination between the teaching staff, the Senior Leadership Team and the school’s Pastoral Care Department. We analyse and accompany every one of our students throughout their school life to be able to understand their needs, know their potential and stimulate their educational curiosity.

2. Academic excellence: our aim is for our students to experience learning in a positive, balanced and wholesome environment so that we can get the best out of them. Our results vouch for our excellence.

3. We guide each student’s learning in order to maximise their potential and talent.

4. Our staff believe that self-critique is critical to success. We are transparent and we continue to learn and improve as teachers.

5. We have an open-door policy and we are flexible, meaning that teachers are always approachable and accessible to parents who would like to discuss any aspect of their child’s life at school.

6. We provide an education in values and principles. We believe academic success is key, but we know that we must also learn in a community where we do not merely tolerate people. We move beyond tolerance and accept and celebrate our differences. We work in partnership and solidarity with other community groups and civic institutions to bring about positive change in our county. Teaching citizenship and social responsibility is embedded within the culture of our school. Our students are taught to be socially conscious, which involves understanding the community around them. Education in values is not timetabled, rather it is a part of every subject and daily life at Castle School and Sixth Form. Learning to get along with others and being proactive in society complements academic learning.

7. We provide a personalised and tailored education where students are evaluated according to their own standards of capabilities and abilities while instilling in them an unconditional vocation for excellence.

8. We want to live together and create a more harmonious community through dialogue, consistency, integrity and honesty and always with a positive and responsible attitude. We work with other schools, community groups and businesses to strengthen our institutions as well as building a network of contacts for our pupils, which will aid them when applying for top university places and apprenticeships after sixth form.

9. We believe that one of our aims is to prepare our students for life beyond school. Today's society has a higher demand for self-awareness and more specialised skills. One of the ways that we help advance pupils is by incorporating learning experiences outside of the classroom. Our students spend one whole day of the week at our outdoor Discovery School. We are aware of the life experiences of our students and this enables us to provide them with the help that they need to succeed in every sphere of life in school and beyond our beautiful grounds.

10. We believe that a great education is key to bringing about social justice and creating a fairer and better world for everyone. Our students are taught community organising lessons so that they have the tools they need to act for themselves and for those who feel powerless. Apathy is not something our pupils suffer from and we are proud of the fact that they recognise the importance of responsibility beyond their everyday lives.

That should give you a ‘flavour’ of who and what we are and how we do things differently. However, that’s no substitute for visiting in person so please contact us on 01437 558010 or email to arrange your visit.