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A Level subjects can be chosen from the list in A Level subjects on this website.  You will see there is a good range of subjects along with our bespoke BTEC but also opportunities to sign up for short courses as well.  If you are unsure of the work load in the sixth form you may prefer to wait a little before committing to a short course.

There will be time later once you have settled in to the first term.

you choose

you study

Each A Level will be taught through a number of mediums – you will have a core online course which offers module by module lectures for you to work through at a pace suiting you.  These core courses are supported by on line tutors available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and queries.

You can do your on line learning anywhere you feel comfortable and can concentrate – home, the public library etc or you can come in to school and benefit from live, face to face support from our academic graduates who are on hand to assist with any questions and queries you may have on a daily basis.

you learn

you experience

For one week in every six, you will have face to face consolidation sessions with our in house A Level subject specialists.

This three pronged approach means you are never without some form of support – be it when you are burning the midnight oil at home, knuckled down in our sixth form centre or spending a study night at a friend’s  – support and assistance are always there.