Studying Law will develop your analytical ability, decision making, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. All these skills are highly sought after by higher education and employers.


A Level Law 

Course code: 7162

Delivery method: Classroom / Online

Course duration: 24 Months

Entry requirements: No prior qualification needed

Award achieved: AQA A level Law

Awarding body: AQA


The A level course gives you a good grounding in all aspects of legal practice. As such, it is a very good basis for further study of Law at university or further education.

Topics are clearly structured and include:
• The nature of law and the English legal system
• Private law
• Public law
• Legal skills

Overview / Skills

A Level Law covers  a variety of legal concepts and practices. This ranges from those laws and practices that have been established and developed over centuries right up to newly developing legal frameworks such as those relating to human rights.

  • You will build on your GCSE foundations without repetition of content.

  • You will have a wide choice of topics for study covering all aspects of law

  • You will develop a passion for the practice of law.

  • Provide a solid base for study at higher education level.

Course outline

This course is divided into the following:


  • The nature of law and the English legal system

  • Criminal law

  • Tort


  • Law of contract

  • Human rights

Both options are available in the course and you can choose to study the one you prefer.