Compass Pointing North

This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the geographic environment and explores how people interact with it and the impact we make


A Level Geography

Course code: 7037

Delivery method: Classroom / Online

Course duration: 24 Months

Entry requirements: No prior qualification needed

Award achieved: AQA A Level Geography

Awarding body: AQA

Have you got a deep appreciation of our planet? Keen to find out more about the big rock we live on? Then A Level Geography would be a great choice for you. This course doesn’t just give you a comprehensive understanding of the geographic environment but explores how people interact with it and the impact we make.

A Level Geography is ideal preparation for studying related subjects at university level, as well as building on your foundations from GCSE.

Overview / Skills

A Level Geography covers contemporary geographical issues as well as physical and human geography, builds geographical skills and explores fieldwork. The course deals with environmental impact as well as management and sustainability. You will also build on your statistical skills and learn how to analyse and evaluate feedback.

Upon successful completion of the exam and practical assessments (as administered by AQA), you will have achieved an internationally recognised AQA A Level Geography.

You will build on your GCSE foundations without repetition of content.

You will develop fieldwork skills.

You will have a wide choice of topics for fieldwork investigations and evaluation papers.

You will develop a passion for geographical interests and impacts.

Provide a solid base for study at higher education level.

Course outline

This course is divided into the following units:

Physical geography

1 Water and carbon cycles
2 Hot desert systems and landscapes
3 Coastal systems and landscapes
4 Glacial systems and landscapes
5 Hazards
6 Ecosystems under stress



Human geography

7 Global systems and global governance
8 Changing places
9 Contemporary urban environments
10 Population and the environment
11 Resource security

Geography fieldwork investigation